We spent months planning and talking about our upcoming 1,000th tour and we still can't believe its happening. We are so humbled and excited to share this momentous occasion with everyone! Our plan is a little out there but to us its perfect! Will you join us for Tour No. 1,000!

What: A Three Day Brewery Tour!

Tour No. 1,000! is going to be a three day brewery tour visiting every brewery partner we work with along the way and sharing stories and memories of how they have each related to the history of Knox Brew Tours. Not only will we be hitting all of them, but we will be visiting them in the order in which we became a part of their family. 

When: Sept. 27, 28 & 29

Each day of Tour No. 1,000! we will be running two of the same tours to give as many people a chance to be a part of this experience as possible. Both will essentially be the same, just a different times. Flight 1 will operate on Sept. 27 at 2:00 PM (A) & 6:00 PM (B). Flight 2 will operate on Sept. 28 at 2:00 PM (A) & 6:00 PM (B). Flight 3 will operate on Sept. 29 at 12:00 PM (A) & 6:00 PM (B).

Why: An Unforgettable Experience

This brewery tour will be unlike any other you have ever experienced. Below is an awesome list of the activities that is sure to set this tour apart from any other!

  • Guided by our owner Zack (aka Taco)

  • Limited keepsake backstage pass

  • Food pairings

  • Interaction with brewery owners & brewers

  • Never before told stories of KBT and brewery partners

Who: Basically, EVERYBODY!


Day 1 - Sept 27 @ 2PM & 6PM - Blackhorse Brewery, Smoky Mountain Brewery, Crafty Bastard Brewery, & Alliance Brewing Co.


Day 2 - Sept 28 @ 2PM & 6PM - Balter Beerworks, Fanatic Brewing Co., Schulz Brau, & Hexagon Brewing Co.


Day 3 - Sept 29 @ 12PM & 6PM - Hexagon Brewing Co., Abridged Beer Co., Elkmont Exchange, Pretentious Beer Co., Printshop Beer Co.



For details: (CLICK HERE)

Additional Tour No. 1,000! Details

Pick-up/drop-off Location:

All Tour No. 1000! tours will begin and end at the Casual Pint - Downtown: 421 Union Ave.

Cancellation Policy:

  • All tours canceled within 72 hours of tour start time will only be fully refunded if we are able to re-sell those spots. We understand that things can happen beyond your control and we will do our best to work with you. Tours canceled due to inclement weather will be fully refunded.

Anti-harrasment Policy:

  • Knox Brew Tours has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual or any other forms of harassment by a tour participant towards our employees, brewery staff members, other brewery guests or fellow tour participants. If a Knox Brew Tours’ employee observes a tour participant engaging in any form of harassment toward an employee of Knox Brew Tours, a brewery staff member, a brewery guest or another tour participant, or if a credible act of harassment is reported to Knox Brew Tours while on the tour, the offending tour participant will be asked to leave the tour immediately at his/her own expense and without refund. Please visit the FAQs page on our website for a complete version of our zero tolerance harassment policy.

Tickets will be available on Sept 3 (Labor Day) at 12:00PM!