All competitors must take a selfie within 10 feet of the designated location WITH the Heat Token visible. Heat Tokens are given out before each race. Heat Tokens are typically a piece of cloth that can be tied to someone’s wrist. Every Heat will have a different Heat Token.

A competitors race is not complete until they ring the Crafty Grenade Run bell/gong at check-in.

No vehicles, public transportation, or bicycles (for running competitors) is permitted. 


As of Feb. 8, 2019 there are 2 divisions to compete in: 

  • Individual on Foot

  • Individual on Bike

Heat Paremeters

Each Heat will contain 30 spots. The Master Map (which you can study) contains 100. The 30 spots are chosen at random from the Master Map and revealed at the beginning on the race every two weeks. 

  • Each Heat will be between 35 and 70 minutes.

  • Ties in points will be decided by the shortest time completed.

Championship Qualifications

Coming soon.

Championship Rules

Coming soon.

Crafty Super Bowl

Coming soon.

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