Please trust us when we say, this is NOT your average tour! First off, the guide for this tour is Aaron McClain, the co-owner and brewer of soon to be open Crafty Bastard Brewery. Aaron is an experienced home brewer with a background in teaching math as well as competing in several chess tournaments. Secondly, we plan on diving into the math and science of how beer works and will enjoy several beers in the process. Crafty Bastard Brewery is expected to open by August. On this tour we will be visiting Alliance Brewing Co., SawWorks Brewing Co., and Crafty Bastard Brewery.

What makes this tour special?

  • You will get to have a Q & A with the head brewer of all three breweries.
  • We will get to sample a beer during the stages of sweet wort, bitter wort, during fermentation, and post fermentation. 
  • There will be seven blind taste testings with different focuses on hop differences, beer adjuncts, temperature differences, etc.
  • Additional beers outside of these three tours will be included for taste comparisons.
  • There will be also be a hands on demonstration on how to use a hydrometer. 
  • Did I also mention there will be beer!

What does it cost?

  • $50 - regular ticket 
  • $35 - designated drivers
  • All participants must be 21+ years of age
  • For info on private tours and rates CLICK HERE

Pick-up/Drop-off Point:

  • Fridays (once a month) - Hops and Hollers: 937 N. Central Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917

Tour Times:

  • This is a special tour that takes a lot of time and attention to pull off. We currently do not have a time posted but we will as soon as the breweries involved can jump on board! Thank you for your patience. 

The Brewing 401 Tour - TBA