We've done our best to try and think of everything you could possibly ask us. Check out the FAQs below and feel free to contact us if we left anything out . . . . .

Does the tour still happen if it's raining or snowing?
Yes, the tour will still run in the rain or snow but in the chance we find the weather to be too dangerous for a tour you will be notified and your money refunded.

Do I need my ID?
Yes, any person may be subject to be asked to show their ID by either us or any one of the breweries. Your ID must be a valid state driver's license, passport, or any other government issued ID.

Is there a dress code?
Close-toed shoes are required for certain parts of the tour and shirts are required for the entire tour.

Is there a designated driver rate?
Yes, and it's $25 per person. It's the same exact tour minus the beer samples. After you select your tour time and date you will see an option for a desiginated driver rate.

How long does a tour last?
A typcial tour will last between 3 and 3 1/2 hours long.

Is there an age limit to go on a tour?
On our regular tours, yes. You must be at least 21 with a valid ID. If you book the bus for a private event, all ages are welcomed but consumption of alcohol is only permitted for individuals 21 or older.

Can I purchase merchandise at the breweries?
Absolutely and it's highly encouraged!

How much beer is served on the tour?
Approximately four 4oz. samples of beer per brewery.

Can I purchase additional alcohol outside of the samples provided?
You are welcome to purchase an additional pint or sample outside of what is provided as long as you finish it at the establishment in which it was purchased, within the time frame of the tour schedule.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We are happy and willing to assist in any way to make this tour work for any person but at this time our vehicle is not outfitted for wheelchairs.

Are there gift certificates available?
Yes there are! CLICK HERE to purchase one today.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?
We do not offer refunds for cancellation. However, full refunds will be available if we cancel due to not meeting our minimum particpants or extremely dangerous weather.

Where can I park?
Each pick up/drop off point has different recommendations for parking. You can find those details in the product descriptions in our online store.

Do you offer special pick up/drop off points?
For our regular tours we do not but it you book us for a private event we can absolutely arrange a special pick up/drop off point. A fee may incur depending on distance.

Can I book the bus for a private event?
Yes, for pricing and availablity please email us at contact@knoxbrewtours.com or CLICK HERE

Can I bring a growler and get it filled?
Absolutely! However, due to insurance purposes you can not open or drink from your growler during any point of the tour.

Can I take photos?
Yes and its encouraged, but please be considerate to the other people participating on the tour if you do. If you would like to avoid being photographed please let us know.

Will there be bathrooms available during the tour?
Yes, every brewery that we will visit has a free and clean public restroom.

Will there be food available during the tour?
We will provide you with complimentary snacks and bottled water during transit. It is possible we might encounter some food trucks along the way but is not guaranteed.

Can I drink beer on the bus?
Due to state laws, insurance, and liability . . . . no. Private events however, can be different.

Is gratuity included?
Gratuity for our guides are not included but are very much appreciated.

Feel free to email us at contact@knoxbrewtours.com or call us at 865-951-6883 with any further questions or comments. Cheers!